GutterDome is junk. It does not allow water to flow into the gutter.

Water rolls over the top and pools on the ground, damaging landscaping and threatening foundations. The company tried to "fix" it for us with caulk and scissors. The problem remained. After 7 months of trying to get them to honor their warranty, we ended up having to pay someone to remove the GutterDome and put it in the landfill where it belongs.

We were cheated out of thousands of dollars. We filed a lawsuit against them and won. But the company is so crooked, they won't pay the judgment and refuse the certified mail when it comes to the door. I even appealed to the parent company, and they won't pay the judgment either.

Terrible product and dishonest company. Save yourself the hassles and just hire someone to clean your gutters.

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This is a shocking story, gutterdome has been working well for us for years. We have only run into one house that gutterdome couldn't be installed on in 3 years and hundreds of homes.

I would be very curious to hear where this complaint is coming from and which company installed it. Poor installation maybe?

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #960265

Please , can you give me the case # and lawsuit,including contractor who installed, name of company who supplied this ?? This is quite concerning being an authorized dealer in Indianapolis, perhaps we can help with what is going on here, or at least be aware of such a defective product???

We have never heard of anything like your complaint in Indiana. Thank you

Chris Underwood, Formation Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #959208

I Have found Gutterdome to be an excellent, effective system for managing rainwater and debris. I wonder if this is a bogus review by a competitor. I don't see any proof of a lawsuit!!

They should look at gutterprotectionreview.org to see the comparison

to Anonymous #972188

No, it's not a bogus review. The guy finally showed up for court and agreed to make payments.

That was three months ago. Still haven't seen a penny.

Another court date coming up. He probably won't show up.

to Anonymous #978390

As suspected, he didn't show up for court. I've had a judgment for $2700 against him for a year for a product that clearly did not work.

He refuses to pay anything and doesn't care that he's in contempt of court and could be arrested for not paying the judgment. I guess the world is just full of crooks.

New Jersey, United States #948096

My property has oak and locust trees that were causing the "builder installed" home center garbage to fail. I have had Gutter Dome on my home for 2 years with absolutely no issues, and avoid any emergency room visits now. Well worth the investment!

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