If you're considering buying Gutter Dome be careful and read the fine print! The salesman advertised a "Lifetime warranty" but it's a 25 year warranty!

Then they say it'll keep itself clean, the truth is you're expected to keep it clean by brushing it when pollen and debris clumps on top of it. It's a mess honestly.

Buyer beware!!!

Location: Mountain View, California

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GutterDome offers a 30-Year (Lifetime Material Warranty) which implies "Lifetime" in all states. No gutter guard is 100% maintenance free & any manufacturer that makes that claim is not being honest with Consumers.


GutterDome offers a 20 Year - Limited Parts Warranty that implies "Lifetime" in the vast majority of states. Also, no gutter guard is 100% maintenance free and any manufacturer that makes that claim is not being honest with homeowners.


It is silly for people to think that this product keeps leaves off your gutters. Leaves are going to stick on top or your gutter guards no matter what the product, leaf guard leaf filter gutterdome it doesn't matter.

You want to find a material that still allows water to filter down into the gutter regardless of debris.


the LAW definition of lifetime warranty is 25 years, educate yourself


Bought GutterDome to replace a different system, the one where the water runs into an opening in

the hood. I couldn't be happier.

It is working perfectly. I think anyone that tries this product will

be happy with the results, I know I am


My GutterDome System remains free of debris. Sure some debris will linger on the top, but it doesn't clog the guard and clearing that off is totally optional and for aesthetic purposes.

Let's put it this way, would you rather brush the debris off of the top or clean out the actual inside of the gutter, digging out debris? I love my gutterdome!

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