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GUTTER DOME OR GUTTER DOOM. . . 4 of 6 people found it helpful
I had a gutter dome guard fall off my gutter after a heavy snow and I have contacted the authorized installer and dealer several times and no one has fixed it. Jack Smith from GutterDome the installer did call me back once about a month ago to say he would be out to look at it but since then I have called him 5 times and the company 3 times with no response over a month period of time. At this point I am going to have to have someone come out...
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Scheduled an estimate on first Saturday in march. No one showed or called. Called them. They apologized profusely. Scheduled for following Saturday with guaranteed on time arrival. Again no show, no call. Unbelievable.
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The product was installed 7 months ago in Raleigh area - pine needles clogged up in the same area where they had plugged with the cheap-o Lowes Home Improvement product I installed a few years ago. Water simply cascaded like mad over and around the *** that was installed with the GutterDome product. The installer did a great job, and the company stands behind their product as advertised, but in the final analysis, water still cascades off the...
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I liked
  • People in general were good
  • Warranty
  • Technician was superb
I didn't like
  • Product performance
I live in the state of NJ and recently had Gutter Dome install their product. First the installer showed up early in the morning when I scheduled the appointment for early afternoon. What I witnessed the installer doing while installing the gutter guards was not being done according to what was on the contract. The gutters were not cleaned first. I yelled up to the installer and asked, "what are you doing?" To my surprised the installer...
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I had someone come out to quote new gutters and the gutter dome, specifically gutter dome. I was not happy with the way the company represented themselves, or the product design they offered. I wanted another option to get Gutter Dome installed as I really liked their product offering. I called Gutter Dome to get an authorized dealer in my area, and was told they didn't give out that info. They would take my info and have the closest dealer...
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I liked
  • Product design
I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Company policies
  • Company dishonesty